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Win Prizes with Fogel Dental’s Scavenger Hunt!

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Dr. Fogel, your local Bourbonnais dentist, is celebrating the launch of his new website with a scavenger hunt – and you could win lots of great prizes! Our new site is mobile friendly, easy to use, and is loaded with helpful dental information and details about our practice that might be news to you! We think you’re going […]

Gulp! Gulp! Youch!—What Causes Brain-Freeze?

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It’s hot out and you’re sooo thirsty! You get yourself an ice, cold slushie and begin to slurp it back…then it happens: That instant intense pain in your forehead! Ouch! The Brain-Freeze It’s often called brain-freeze, ice cream headache, or a cold-stimulus headache, but the actual scientific term is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. (Pronounced sfee no PAL uh teen […]