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School Supplies

Have your kids seen their Bourbonnais Dentist for their school check ups yet?

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It’s that time of year already? School SuppliesSchool supplies shopping, buying new clothes and DENTAL EXAMS!

If your child is about to start kindergarten, enter the second or sixth grade, they need an exam form completed by Dr. Fogel. Don’t wait until the last minute or until you get those pesky reminders from the school district, call today. We have the forms right here in our office and you can leave the appointment with the completed form in your hand. Whether your student sees this Bourbonnais Dentist or not, Dr. Fogel wants you to have the necessary form at you finger tips. Click this link to print the form yourself.  School Form (1)

Or do it the easy way and call 815-933-5173 and schedule your child’s appointment right now!

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